Intelligent Waterproof Sport Watch

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In the realm of modern fitness, an Intelligent Waterproof Sport Watch stands as an indispensable companion for enthusiasts and athletes alike. With its fusion of innovation and precision, it transforms the way we perceive physical activity. Multi-functions are the cornerstone of these timepieces, offering a seamless convergence of utility and style.

Beyond mere timekeeping, a sport watch takes on the role of a guardian, meticulously monitoring a range of physiological metrics. From heart rate variability to calorie expenditure, its intricate sensors capture the essence of your exertion. One standout feature is its ability to gauge blood oxygen levels – a vital metric that underscores peak performance and recovery potential.

As daylight gives way to dusk, this watch doesn't retire. Instead, it unveils its prowess in deciphering the enigmatic realm of sleep. Monitoring your sleep patterns with meticulous detail, it unlocks insights into your circadian rhythm and aids in optimizing your restorative slumber.

In the crucible of performance, the sport watch emerges as the ultimate ally. Its seamless fusion of multi-functions and cutting-edge technology propels you toward your aspirations, transforming every stride into a statement of intent. So, whether you're an athlete chasing records or an enthusiast pursuing wellness, this timepiece transcends its form, evolving into an extension of your ambition.

Product information :
Screen Size: 1.28 inches
Appearance Size: 55.6*54.1*18.3mm
Material: ABS+PC
Battery Capacity: 600
Product Weight: 50g
Operation Mode: touch + button
Interface: USB 2.0
Wireless Distance: 5m (inclusive)-10m (inclusive)
Wristband Material: Silicone
Additional Functions: video entertainment, step counting, social entertainment, intelligent reminder, health monitoring, information push
Color: black, white
Battery Life: less than 7 days

Packing list: