RGB Luminous Mouse Pad

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Looking for the perfect gaming mouse pad? Look no further than the RGB Luminous Mouse Pad! This awesome mouse pad has multiple different colors to choose from, so you can customize your gaming setup to match your style. Plus, the RGB backlighting creates a cool and immersive gaming experience. The mouse pad is also made of high-quality material that ensures smooth and precise mouse movement. So make your gaming setup complete and pick up an RGB Luminous Mouse Pad today!

Product Description: Switch the key to control the light-emitting mode, and switch a light-emitting mode each time you press it.
1: Green  2: Blue  3: Purple  4: Red  5: Indigo  6: Yellow 

7: White  8: Magenta  9: Orange  10: Breathing Mode 

11: Horse Racing  12: Running Horses and Flashing Slowly. 

Double click on the switch: Switch between full and half light
Long press 3 seconds to turn off the machine
Weight of a single product (including 2m data cable and carton)
Product packaging: Coated paper to the lamination packaging carton. 

3 Sizes:
8.5*8.5*31.5cm (300*800 size)
7.5*7.5*36.5cm (4 sizes of 250*350, 300*350, 350*600, 350*900)
8.5*8.5*41.5cm (400*900 size)

Packing list:

RGB Luminous Mouse Pad * 1