Wine Decanter Rotator

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Electrical outlet


Intelligent sobering up: The new generation of the electric smart decanter can make the wine more fully in contact with the air, quickly soften the tannins, awaken the original aroma of the wine, and present the best state of the wine
Gravity induction:   The decanter will not turn when it is not under pressure, it will only turn when there is an object on it
Stepless speed change:  The transmission power is large, the service life is long, the structure is compact, and it has coaxial and is easy to use. The inertia moment of the rotating part is very small, and there are no unbalanced parts, so the vibration is small, the speed is stable and the operation is stable.
Dual electric mode:   The machine can be installed with batteries or connected to the power supply with a USB cable.



Product information:

Material: Plastic
Capacity: 801-900 ml
Weight: 596 g

Packing list:

Plastic decanter*1